Onground Pools 

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Oakville's Finest Pools has partnered with Aqua-Wood Pools to offer the timeless elegance and quality of wood panels. Manufactured in Quebec, these pools have stood the test of time, delivering an aesthetically pleasing and much cheaper alternative to traditional inground pools.

Aqua-Wood Onground Pools come in round, oval and rectangular shapes in sizes ranging from 8 ft. round all the way up to 18x34 ft. oval. They can be sunk up to 3 feet into the ground, leaving only around 18 inches of wood panel above grade. They are perfect for backyards that slope away from the house and can accommodate a number of different decking options to build out your outdoor living space. 

Aqua-Wood Onground Pools fill an important gap in the marketplace between traditional inground pools and fully above ground pools and are priced accordingly. We are more than happy to visit your backyard to assess the feasibility of an Aqua-Wood Onground Pool.