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At Oakville's Finest Pools we take great pride in our liner replacements. Most people don't realize that the key to a successful liner replacement comes long before the day of the installation. Every liner is cut custom to your pool, which means measurements are kind of a big deal! We guarantee a perfect fit every time. And if the fit isn't right (touch's never happened...), we will make it right at our cost. 


If you're shopping around - and we're happy if you do - make sure you're asking how thick the quoted liner is. All of our liners are 30 mil which is the toughest vinyl manufactured in the pool industry. Many other retailers and installers will try to get away with 25 or even 22 mil liners so they can beat us on cost. If you do the math, this would subtract 16-27% off of the liner's lifetime, equating to 2-3 years shorter lifespan. Our customers want to swim in their pools without the hassle of costly maintenance. 

We have come across many botched liner replacements in our day, including some that didn't even make it through 2 seasons. You'll find our prices competitive but even a few hundred dollars extra is worth the expense to ensure it's done right!

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."  - Red Adair

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