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When spring has finally sprung and you're tired of looking at your ugly winter cover, it's time to call Oakville's Finest Pools. We do several hundred openings every year and we make every effort to get you swimming as soon as possible. 

One of our core values is respect. This means that we value your property as if it were our own and we go the extra mile to ensure that there are no messes left behind. In fact, you'll often find your property in better shape that we found it when we arrived. 

When it comes to pool openings, we know you'd like to come home to a properly functioning pool. While this isn't always possible due to equipment failures (if they're going to fail, most often they break down over the winter), we do our best to fix all of the smaller problems so your can start using your pool on the first warm day afterward. And if something does go wrong, we will communicate immediately and schedule a prompt service call to get you back up and running. 

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