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Leak Detection

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Leak detection is a perfect blend of art and science. The science - one must absolutely have the most sophisticated tools available and know how to use them effectively. The art - scanning a backyard for visible signs of potential leaks (cracked concrete decking, unnaturally green patches in lawns, soggy spots in low lying areas, and signs of cracked concrete under the liner). 

The art and science along with a deep knowledge of how pools operate and years of experience combine to form the perfect leak detection professional. 

All our leak detection services are performed by the owner of Oakville's Finest Pools. You could pay more for a nation-wide chain using the same tools and a technician with one or two summers of experience. But we're not sure that would maximize value for your dollar. 

At OFP, the same technician who finds your leak will also be the person to fix it. So we'd better get it right!

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