Above Ground Pools

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Round Above Ground w stone perimeter and

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Oakville's Finest Pools has partnered with Aqua-Wood Pools to offer the timeless elegance and quality of wood panels. Manufactured in Quebec, these pools have stood the test of time, delivering a far more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional above ground pools for a manageable price difference. 

Aqua-Wood Above Ground Pools come in round and oval shapes in sizes ranging from 8 ft. round all the way up to 15x31 ft. oval. They are perfect for smaller backyards and/or people looking for an affordable yet elegant-looking option to beat the summer heat. Like their onground cousins, Aqua-Wood Above Ground Pools can accommodate a number of different decking options to build out your outdoor living space. 

Aqua-Wood Above Ground Pools fill an important gap in the marketplace between the flimsy, utilitarian above ground pools that many big box stores sell and onground or inground applications. You will be surprised at how affordable these pools really are! As always, we are more than happy to visit your backyard to assess the feasibility of an Aqua-Wood Above Ground pool.