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Born of Covid 19

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Brent Wagner and I'm a keynote speaker...well at least I was... But it seems the conference business is in a bit of a downturn! With some extra time on my hands and readily available "child labour", I decided to return to my roots in the pool business and teach my kids a little about entrepreneurship in the process.

It's hard for me to believe how much has happened since we opened our doors in the spring of 2020. My oldest son and I started with a few pool openings in April. Word spread and we are now operating a full-fledged pool service and installation business with 3 crews, a full-time operations manager and top of the line equipment. I cannot thank my customers enough for their continued support. And in a world of so many intangibles, I'm extracting profound joy in the ability to see the results of my labour.

I was born and raised here in Oakville. This town is and always will be my home. In this business, referrals are everything. Our reputation is our most important asset. We have a very simple policy. We do things right the first time and if things go wrong, we fix them at our expense. I plan to stay in Oakville a long time and people know where I live!. Contrary to many horror stories I've heard, I can't imagine operating any other way.

I'm cut from a different cloth than most of my competitors. I spent 20 years on Bay street before striking out on my own. I have deep business experience and I understand the power of respect - how important it is to leave a customer's backyard better than I found it.

If you have any pool-related challenges, I'd love nothing more than to help solve your problems. Call me anytime!

Brent​ (905)808-9234

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